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Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP)--

Sustainable use of clean geothermal resource utilization technology

Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) is a high efficient energy saving air conditioning system for heat transfer, using relatively constant temperature geothermal recourse. Low temperature heat source is rock mass, groundwater and surface water.
GSHP include heat pump units, geothermal energy exchange system, system in building.
According to geothermal energy in the form of exchange system, GSHP can be divided into soil ground-source heat pump system, underground water source heat pump system and surface water source heat pump system. As a way of heating and supplement form, the direct use of underground high temperature thermal energy has become a member of the family of ground source heat pump.
GSHP was used more than 50 years ago in Europe. GSHP technology has been mature in China with over 20 years of use history. The application amount is increasing year on year. With oil, coal and other resource is decreasing, energy costs and labor cost is rising. As a new type of heat exchange technology, GSHP has wide prospects of use.

Energy saving:GSHP has multiple uses, and it can supply hot water, cold water and hot water for daily life. It can take the place of two sets of devices or systems, one for heating, the other for cooling. Users can get more than 4 KW of heat energy or cold energy with 1KW of energy consumption—40% energy savings

Environmental-Friendly:GSHP is a high efficiency and energy saving air conditioning system by converting clean geothermal resources to energy. According to different regional characteristics, it can choose different ways of geothermal resource utilization. It neither consumes nor pollutes running water. There is no “three wastes” emission. It has good effects, such as clean, environment-friendly, effective energy conversation and emission reduction.

Convenient usage:Heat pump system has properties: simple design, less components, stable and reliable operation, easy maintenance, save human cost.

Safety and reliability:Polyethylene pipe or heat resistant polyethylene can be used in heat exchange system. The pipes have high pressure bearing capacity with high electrofusion joint and butt fusion joint. It is safe and reliable without leakage. Service life can reach 50years.