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Battenfeld-Cincinnati and Krauss Maffei pipe extrusion lines

■ The structure of screw - hard alloy, high abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance of double metal cylinder guarantee the high quality and long processing reliability;
■ The advanced die-head design and the precise temperature control system can realize the
low melting temperature and high speed extrusion and ensure the excellent quality of the products;
Multi-configuration series of die mandrel,sleeve matching different specifications and series of pipe can strictly control the size tolerance;
Quick vacuum temperature regulating system and the precise cooling water control maintain the stable size of pipe diameter and wall thickness;

■ Non chip cutting, no dust and smooth cutting surface make it easy to use.


iNOEX weight measuring system and ultrasonic online measuring system

■ The recording of measured values is synchronous with the screw speed to compensate the feeding fluctuations caused by feeding screws to ensure the constant and stable entry of the materials into the feeding stage of the extrusion machine;
Constant product quality that cannot be influenced by the fluctuation of bulk density, and the reliable realization of product formula;
■ Ultrasonic device is used to replace the manual operation to check wall thickness. The average thickness could be effectively controlled by setting values to ensure the consistency of the wall thickness.


Japan Kawata vacuum drier

■ The drier has a cuboid chamber, maximizing effective volume; and a microcomputer temperature controller, ensuring precise temperature control;
Objects in the chamber could be seen through a door made with two layers of tempered and bullet-proof glasses; and inert gases could be injected into the chamber;
The closing tightness of the camber door could be adjusted. The silicone rubber seal rings made through integral forming are used to ensure the high vacuum degree in the chamber;
The chamber is made of polished stainless steel plates to ensure its durability;
■ The storage, heating, testing and drying operations are conducted in the environments without oxygen or with inert gases to prevent oxidation;


Laser coding device
■ The laser dot matrix marking technology is used to make permanent markers on the surfaces of pipes, which could be seen without any tools;

■ For the convenience of the users and better traceability;